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* There are four tiers in the drug formulary. Tiers include the types of drugs that are covered. Please refer to your Evidence of Coverage and Disclosure Form for details.

Tier Definition
1 1) Most generic drugs and low cost preferred brands.
2 1) Non-preferred generic drugs or;
2) Preferred brand name drugs or;
3) Recommended by the plan's pharmaceutical and therapeutics (P&T) committee based on drug safety, efficacy and cost.
1) Non-preferred brand name drugs or;
2) Recommended by P&T committee based on drug safety, efficacy and cost or;
3) Generally have a preferred and often less costly therapeutic alternative at a lower tier.


1) Food and Drug Administration (FDA) or drug manufacturer limits distribution to specialty pharmacies or;
2) Self administration requires training, clinical monitoring or;
3) Drug was manufactured using biotechnology or;
4) Plan cost (net of rebates) is >$600.