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Coverage - Overview

CCHP's Health Plans

CCHP has been providing comprehensive health insurance coverage for those who live or work in San Francisco and Northern San Mateo Counties. We have a range of plan options designed to fit your health plan needs. We serve customers ranging from groups with hundreds of employees to self-paying individuals. Choosing a good health plan has never been easier.


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Individual & Family Plans

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  • For individuals and families
  • Self-employed or employer does not offer health insurance
  • Student or not employed
  • Live or work in San Francisco or Northern San Mateo County

Employer Group Plans

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  • For small and medium sized businesses
  • Seeking affordable, high-quality health plan for employees
  • Company is based in San Francisco or Northern San Mateo County

Medicare Plans

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  • For people looking for Medicare Advantage Plans
  • Eligible for Medi-Cal and are on Medicare
  • Just turned 65 or about to turn 65 years old
  • Need coverage while traveling abroad