Welcome to CCHP

CCHP is a San Francisco based health plan that has been serving the Bay Area community since 1986. Whether you're looking for health care coverage for yourself, your family, or your employees, we're committed to providing you with quality, affordable health care services and resources. We are open to everyone who lives or works in San Francisco and northern San Mateo County.

Great News!

Now, all CCHP members enrolled in our individual, family, and employer group plans can choose from over 1,400 doctors in Hill Physicians Medical Group. They are the largest physician medical group in northern California. This is in addition to our existing list of doctors in Jade Medical Group, CCHP Direct and One Medical Group, so, you are sure to find a great doctor convenient to your home or office.

Be sure to check out all of CCHPs' large network of doctors by searching our provider directory at: CCHP Provider Directory.

Annual Open Enrollment Period started on November 1!

To see your options for renewals, new enrollments, and to see if you qualify for reduced premiums, please contact CCHP Sales Department at 1-415-955-8831. Or, you can go directly to Covered California website here.


For information about small employer group coverage anytime of the year, please visit our Covered California SHOP page.

Thousands of people in San Francisco and northern San Mateo County joined CCHP health plan through Covered California since 2013. CCHP thanks all our new and renewing members! We are here to help you achieve wellness and good health.





華人保健計劃 CCHP 歡迎您!

「華人保健計劃」CCHP 是一個位於三藩市的保健計劃。自1986年起一直致力為三藩市灣區社區及居民提供服務。 無論是為您自己、您的家人、或您的員工找尋高質素及可負擔的保健計劃,「華人保健計劃」CCHP 在此竭誠為您提供服務。 歡迎在三藩市及聖馬刁縣北部居住或工作的人士參加我們的保健計劃。


現在所有CCHP個人、家庭、及公司團體計劃的會員可以在擁有超過1400名醫生的Hill Physicians Medical Group内選擇醫生。 他們是北加州最大的醫師醫療團體。 此外,我們還有Jade Health Care Medical Group翡翠東華醫師協會、CCHP Direct、以及One Medical Group醫療集團可供選擇,您一定可以在您家或辦公室附近找到一位好醫生。


年度醫療保險轉換期 由11月1日已開始!

欲查詢有關續保、參加、或想了解您是否有資格獲得月費優惠,請致電CCHP 營業部 1-415-955-8831, 或點擊這裏瀏覽 Covered California 網站

任何時候,如欲查詢有關小商業團體保障,請瀏覽我們的 Covered California SHOP 網頁  。

由2013年起,三藩市及聖馬刁縣北部成千上萬的人通過Covered California 投保加州交易市場參加華人保健計劃。CCHP 向所有新舊會員致謝!我們將繼續幫助您實現健康及養生之道。