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Annual Open Enrollment Period has ended.

The annual Open Enrollment Period ended on January 31st, 2018. But, if you are experiencing a qualifying, life event, you may be able to enroll under Special Enrollment Period (SEP) at anytime of the year. Examples of qualifying events include (but not limited to):

- Losing your health coverage from your job, spouse, or Medi-Cal
- Losing your job
- Just moved from another area
- Getting married or divorced

For more complete information, please visit Covered California.

Thousands of people in San Francisco and northern San Mateo County chose CCHP Health Plan through Covered California since 2013.  We are here to help you achieve your wellness.

Quality, Affordable Health Coverage

CCHP is one of only five in San Francisco and San Mateo counties to provide coverage through Covered California. All plans in Covered California are Qualified Health Plans, meaning, they meet or exceed quality standards set by state and federal guidelines. There are several CCHP plan options available through Covered California. You can choose the level of coverage that best meet you and your families’ healthcare needs and budget.


To see what your prescription drug(s) might cost:

  1. Click or find your plan name.
  2. Click your county’s Covered CA Drug Preview Tool.

(Note: Please note that this is an estimate only. Actual cost depends on the status of your deductible balance, if any, and any applicable limitations or exceptions.)

All CCHP plans in Covered California meet the Affordable Care Act (ACA) health care law’s requirements which includes the Essential Health Benefits that are designed to help everyone stay healthy and well.

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Did You Know?

Financial help is available to help pay for premiums depending on your income and number of people in your family. Qualifications are based on annual income amounts and family size. Also, people with pre-existing conditions can not be denied coverage.

About 2018 Rate Change 

For 2018, CCHP’s average rate change is 8.7%. This compares to the Covered California weighted average for all participating plan at 12.5%. The reasons for the increase vary, but the biggest factor remains medical trend, the general change in the cost of medical services or products combined with how often those services and products are utilized. In addition to the current uncertainty in the market, this year’s rates feature a one-time adjustment for the implementation of the Affordable Care Act’s health insurance tax (HIT), which adds 2.8% to the rate change. Without the addition of the HIT, Covered California’s rate change would be less than 10%, and 5.9% specifically for CCHP. These reflect another sign of Covered California and CCHP’s stability when we are focuses on the elements we can directly control.

You Can Also Visit Covered California’s Website:

Go to Covered California's website: (By clicking on this link, you will leave CCHP's website.)

To see if you qualify for financial help: (By clicking on this link, you will leave CCHP's website.)

To apply at Covered California's website go to: Apply Now (By clicking on this link, you will leave CCHP's website.)