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CCHP partners with Chinese Hospital and five of its neighborhood centers to provide a wide range of health and fitness clases. All are open to the public, and most of them are free to CCHP members. For non-CCHP members, there is a small fee to attend a health and wellness class. The names of the classes, including the dates, times, and locations, are listed in the calendar below. You can also find the schedules for these classes in the quarterly Community Health Newsletter.

Sales Seminars for Medicare

Whether it's the time to sign up for a new Medicare health plan and/or prescription drug plan, or to make changes to Medicare coverage that you already have, the information available can be overwhelming. That's why we invite Medicare beneficiaries to important seminars in their area detailing the facts. Most Medicare beneficiaries can only sign up for these plans or make changes to their coverage during specific times, so it is important you get all the information that you need in advance.

Depending on your situation, you may also be eligible for Extra Help or other enrollment periods. We can help you to understand.

Come learn more about the valuable benefits of a Medicare Advantage plan from CCHP. We offer local, affordable coverage for seniors, including all of the benefits covered under Original Medicare, Part D prescription drug coverage, and much more.

Call us at 415-955-8800, ext. 3256 (TTY 1-877-681-8898) to make a reservation for a seminar. Your contact information is not required to make a reservation or attend one of the Sales Seminars.