How to Apply for a Job

Chinese Hospital & Clinics online system allows you to create a profile.
You will provide an email address and password for login, basic contact information and upload your resume. This will officially establish your account.

You can begin the process by clicking the Sign up for a new account button below.
To better help our match your qualifications to positions, please take a few minutes to complete all steps in the resume process. You can edit your information at anytime in the Applicant menu on the right side of the page.

A Chinese Hospital & Clinics representative will contact you if your qualifications are a good match for our opportunities. Please keep in mind that submitting your resume authorizes Chinese Hospital & Clinics to use your personal information for job purposes, review or future references.

The information will be used for us to keep in contact with you regarding your interest in our positions and to evaluate your skills and experience against the requirements for the positions you have expressed interest in. Your resume will be reviewed against the position's qualifications. If it is determined that there is a match, a member of our staffing team will contact you to schedule a telephone or on-site interview.