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Price Inquiry

Learn how to research and compare the cost of medical & dental procedures and lab tests, and be an informed shopper who manages his/her healthcare expenses.

Price Inquiry

Estimate Cost of Care

CCHP would like you to be an informed healthcare shopper. You can research and compare the cost of medical and dental procedures and lab tests so you can manage your healthcare expenses.

There are two ways to research costs:

1) Research estimated charges for medical and dental services and procedures based on your zip code.

Please note:

  1. The cost estimates represent the full, undiscounted fees that healthcare professionals report to insurers. They are not the negotiated rates that apply when visiting CCHP network providers.
  2. The cost estimates are available for medical and dental professional fees, but not for facility charges, charges for durable medical equipment or the cost of prescription drugs.
  3. The cost estimates are based on 12 months of claims data and is updated two times per year.

Begin researching cost estimates (By clicking on this link, you will leave CCHP’s website.)

2) Fill-out the secure online form below with your doctor’s ordered procedures and tests and CCHP will provide you with personalized cost estimates.

  1. The cost estimate will be based on the CCHP plan you are currently on.
  2. The cost estimate will be a range since there may be charges that are not specified on your order but are part of the cost of providing you the procedure or service.

Secure online request form