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Coverage - Overview

CCHP's Health Plans

CCHP has been providing comprehensive health insurance coverage for those who live or work in San Francisco and Northern San Mateo Counties. We have a range of plan options designed to fit your health plan needs. We serve customers ranging from groups with hundreds of employees to self-paying individuals. Choosing a good health plan has never been easier.


Individual and Family Plans

Looking for high-quality affordable health coverage now? Our competitively priced plans, and potential savings from financial assistance, make it easier to get the coverage you need.




Medicare Plans

With CCHP Senior Program (HMO) health plans, you get high-quality, personalized care and coverage, and access to a variety of doctors and specialists.




Employer Plans

When you select health coverage, you want a partner that helps you invest in the health of your employees and manage the cost of care. We’ll help you build a healthy workforce — creating a sustainable future for your business.