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The Chinese Community Health Plan (CCHP) Standards of Conduct state the overarching principles and values by which CCHP operates, and define the underlying framework for CCHP’s compliance policies and procedures. They set forth standards and expectations by which all employees, consultants/contractors, members of CCHP’s governing board, and CCHP’s first-tier, downstream, or related entities (FDRs) conduct themselves in an ethical manner; that issues of actual or potential fraud, waste, and abuse (FWA), and issues of noncompliance are reported through appropriate mechanisms; and that those reported issues will be earnestly addressed and corrected.

Privacy and HIPAA

As a Covered Entity (CE), CCHP and its workforce, First-Tier, Downstream, and Related Entities (FDRs), and its Board of Trustees must abide by applicable Privacy and Security Laws, including subsequent modifications to HIPAA Regulations, i.e., the HITECH Act and the Omnibus Final Rule.

To report actual or potential HIPAA breaches to CCHP, please call our Compliance Hotline at 1-415-955-8810 and/or email our Compliance Department at C[email protected], or contact the Chief Compliance Officer at [email protected].

HIPAA, HITECH Act, and Final Rule & Regulations Overview.

Fraud, Waste, and Abuse (FWA) and General Compliance

Every year billions of dollars are improperly spent because of FWA. It affects everyone—including you. Combating FWA is everyone’s responsibility! Every CCHP employee, each member of the Board of Trustees, consultant, contractor, and FDR (First-tier, downstream, and related entity) must be trained on FWA laws and are required to report all actual or potential FWA incidents to the CCCHP Chief Compliance Officer. The CCHP Chief Compliance Officer is required to conduct an investigation of all reported FWA incidents to the CCHP Board of Trustees and to State and/or Federal Enforcement Agencies.

To report actual or potential FWA to CCHP, please call our Compliance Hotline at 1-415-955-8810. Calls to this number are confidential.

Retaliation for good faith reporting of FWA, compliance concerns, complaints or incidents of harassment or discrimination, or perceived harassment or discrimination, or for participating in any investigation of such complaints, incidents, or reports is a violation of the CCHP Standards of Conduct and is strictly prohibited.

FWA Laws and CCHP Compliance Program

Compliance Program Requirement

The Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services (CMS) requires CCHP to implement and maintain an effective compliance program. CCHP’s compliance program:

  • Articulates and demonstrates CCHP’s commitment to legal and ethical conduct.
  • Provides guidance to CCHP’s workforce, governing board, and contractors/consultants on how to handle compliance questions and concerns.
  • Provides guidance to CCHP’s workforce, governing board, and contractors/consultants on how to identify and report compliance violations.

CCHP Ethics and Compliance Hotline

If you suspect violations of CCHP’s Standards of Conduct, healthcare Fraud, Waste, and Abuse (FWA) Laws, HIPAA/HITECH Act Laws (Privacy or Security), or potential non-compliant incidents, you may do one or more of the following:

  1. Call the CCHP Ethics and Compliance Hotline at 1-415-955-8810, 24/7. All calls to this number are confidential.
  2. Report the incident to:
    CCHP Chief Compliance Officer
    Janet F. Eisenberg, MS, CFE.
    Email: [email protected]
    Phone: 1-628-228-3393
    and/or Email [email protected]
Janet Eisenberg, Chief Compliance Officer
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